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Roofs and Stone constructions
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The company THIMARAS CONSTRUCTION, with its extensive experience in the field of roof construction, stands out for the correct design, high quality and special construction technology. Our company's constructions are perfectly combined with any architectural style and always provide full coverage of modern housing specifications, as well as high aesthetic requirements. Our technical team is made up of experienced craftsmen in the field of construction and the strict specifications of strength and safety of construction materials, places us among the best in the field of construction with a successful course for 45 years.




THIMARAS CONSTRUCTION's stone construction work includes stone cladding, stone masonry, stone fireplaces and other constructions. Throughout the day, the exterior and interior walls are the surfaces that surround you. A flawless visual result with stone cladding will immediately improve your space and give you quality in your everyday life. In case you have high expectations for the design of your premises, immediately ask for the opinion of our company's technicians, both for the possible materials and for the constructions, as well as the techniques for correct cladding with stone, which can give a new perspective to the house or your store.